Friday, 20 January 2012

I just received the 2012 winter schedule from the YWCA on MacNab St. S.
Schedule looked pretty good...until I noticed Muslim women (Only) + Children (Only) under seven.
Well, I see two things wrong with this & they both contain the word (Only).

When I last looked, we are in Canada eh?  What YWCA staff decided it was okay to become both a dictator and exclusionist? YWCA is non-profit right? YWCA gets their money from where?...Oh ya from Canadian Christian, Jewish, Muslim etc. Canadian tax payers.

Perhaps we should have Jewish (Only). Perhaps we should have a Buddist only time. Perhaps we should have children (Only) from eight years of age to the legal age eighteen. Why can't all us ladies just be together, swim together? There's no exclutionists, racism or prejudism at the YWCA is there?

Need to say. Whoever decided to print this schedule up "as is", has in my opinion, just opened a can of worms. I'd put a lid on this quickly before it goes into headline news.